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"to add on to what the anon said about dr. asshole, i feel ya. i'm still in denial about what happened"

Me to! After that happened I literally couldn’t leave the house for almost four days. I was in a state of denial, i simply couldn’t bring myself to the reality that Freddie was indeed dead. 

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"did Dr. Asshole killed Freddy???? i just finished the season & im about to fucking dieeee omg"

Yes, Mr. Foster did murder Freddie 

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"I always thought that the girl was a projection of who tony used to be-- fearless, detached, in control and rebellious. That's why tony has the same tattoo as her in the end of the episode, because she was actually tony all along."

Very good interpretation bravo 

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"please explain how the girl from Tony's collage was imaginary?"

It was just a figment of Tony’s imagination hence the reason why she kept disappearing and reappearing. I personally believe that he craved lust and wanted to fill Michelle’s void and then he became so infatuated with the thought of being with somebody that he created an imaginary persona to help him through times of trouble. 

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"Is the girl from the episode Tony goes to college imaginary?"


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"I think the new admin is great! Don't know what y'all are talking about tbh."

Which admin are you guys talking about? There is two! But your nice comments are very appreciated :)