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"What happen to sid? He went looking for cassie to NYC, did he ever find her? Or what?"

In Pure Cassie said that she went traveling with a boy, which was most probably Sid, so it is very likely that he found her x

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"Okay I'll try to look again! Thank you"

Good luck!

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It’s posts like these that give me hope <3

It’s posts like these that give me hope <3

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"Really bc I can't find the first three episodes on YouTube!"

Hmmm, they were on there last month! I remember watching them!

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There seems to be a lot of pointless hate about random characters recently. Instead of just sending in something like, “I hate Cassie” or “I f**king hate Freffy”, try to add some reasoning behind it! It’s fine that you’re not a fan, but give people reason as to why!

Instead, maybe say, “I wasn’t fond of Cassie because I felt like she was annoying and demanded attention in the weirdest ways” (EXAMPLE, NOT A REAL OPINION) or something like that. 

We don’t want just plain hatred because that’s not nice! :)